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 Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th

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Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th Empty
PostSubject: Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th   Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th EmptyFri Jan 29, 2010 9:06 pm

For the month of February, we are holding a poem writing contest.

-Must be no longer than 25 lines, not including spaces between stanzas, the title, or your signature
-Must not include offensive subject matter or profanity
-Entries submitted before February 1st or after February 25th are not valid
-Admin, Co-Admin, and Moderators are allowed to enter the contest, as there will be a poll posted for users to vote on who will be the winner
-Entries that are not poetry are not valid
-If you have questions, PM either the Admin or the Co-Admin; do NOT post them under this post
-Entries that break any of these rules are not valid
-No more than one post per user
-The winner of this contest will be given the title "Best Poet" for the whole month of March.

-Have fun with this!

My co-admin/mod voice is orange, like the sun, like clementines, and like the desert sand... Very Happy
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Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th Empty
PostSubject: Think about what you say   Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th EmptySat Feb 06, 2010 12:59 pm

This is my entry for the writing contest.

Every time you say
that’s so gay
do you think of the pain
you could cause?

People all around the world
are looked down upon just because
they aren’t like the majority of people.
Its not something to be ashamed of.

Its their life to live not yours.
So get out of their face.

What if somebody told you
that you couldn’t marry
the person you loved,
how would you feel?

Well that’s how it is in the world.
There are very few places
where they can actually get married.

How does if feel to know
you can do something about it?
Stand up for them
It’s as simple as that.

So next time you say
That’s so gay
Think of the pain
You could be causing
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Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th Empty
PostSubject: Re: Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th   Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th EmptyThu Feb 11, 2010 9:34 pm

My Scary Valentine

My room up here is very cold
As I silently wait for your call
It’s way past the time you told
The rain is pouring. I hope your okay.
I think of you and my breath goes away.

I see you crumpled in the street
Hurt and alone in a tight ball
Out the door, on my feet
To your aid, I’m almost there
Now you’re gone into thin air

I start to cry and shake a bit
You’re tender smile is gone
Sobs rack my body with a hit.
I hear a door open and I jump from my sleep
Look at the door and to you my eyes meet!

I leapt from the bed
I landed on the floor, I ran on
I scoop you up, you are not dead!
You look at me and I hear you say
“Sorry I was late. I got you a Valentine on the way!”

-- Madison Rafter
Comments: This was from a guys point of view. I don't know why, but it just sorta happened like that...

Madison R
My Admin/mod voice is purple, my favorite color...
Danny Phantom...Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th Dp_goi11 ...Rocks!!!
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Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th Empty
PostSubject: Re: Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th   Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th Empty

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Writing Contest-Feb. 1st-Feb. 25th
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